The autentic shitcoin, invest in the real shit.

Tired of being scammed by fake shitcoin? We are the real 'shitcoin', we don't need to hide behind stupid names like 'Dogecoin', 'Shiba inu', 'Dogelon', 'Floki'...

We promise to renounce the contract and block 100% of our liquidity for years, to generate confidence in the $shit project.

The autentic shitcoin,The autentic shitcoin,


How can I buy $SHIT?

It's very easy, but if you're an asshole we'll explain it to you.

Install MetaMask on your PC, then create a wallet and save the 'Secret Recovery Phrase'.
Now buy BNB in Binance, then send those BNB to your MetaMask wallet.
Copy the $SHIT contract, this: xxxxxxx
Go to PanCakeSwap and connect your wallet (MetaMask).
In PanCakeSwap look for the "Trade" option and paste the $SHIT contract below.
Click "Swap" and confirm the transaction on MetaMask

Ready, now you own a piece of shit. Congrats!

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Lose money

With our shit project you can lose a lot of money. You are gambling, not investing.

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Renounced Ownership

By renouncing the contract, no one will be able to edit the programming of our cryptocurrency.

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Shit lovers

This project is designed for lovers of shit. If you like everything related to shit, this is your club.

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When lambo?

Maybe never, but you will be satisfied with investing $ 10 in this project.

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To the moon

In this community you can join a Telegram group with other investors and say 'to the moon' or 'hold'. And if the currency falls in price you say it's a scam.

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100% Blocked liquidity

For the safety of our investors and to avoid 'rug pull', we will block all liquidity for 5 years.

Road Map

November 2021
Brainstorming to create a shitcoin.
December 2021
Massive spam to get investors.
Janaury 2022
Finished project.

How it Works

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Buy your shit tokens, with the purpose of making easy money.

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Lose money

Look at the graph to see how the price goes down because a whale got to drop all the shit.

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Buy the dip

Take advantage of the dip and buy more. You are close to making a lot of money.

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DON'T SELL YOUR SHIT YET! Meanwhile, go to the Lamborghini website and see your favorite car model.

Token Distribution

  • Name:Shitcoin Token
  • Purchase methods accepted:BNB
  • Presale:None
  • Supply1,000,000,000,000
  • Purpose:Nothing
  • Bonus system:No
  • 100% Liquidity PanCakeSwap (LP LOCKED)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy our $SHIT at Pancakeswap.

We are the real shitcoin, everything else is serious projects, we are not.

None, I didn’t think anybody collaborated with this $SHIT.

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